Hi, I’m Jenna! I'm a visual journalist with a passion for producing top tier graphics, web designs, data visualizations and news products. I also created this website! I'm a dark mode devotee, but if light mode is more your thing, click here.

I am currently an Associate Product Manager at PBS NewsHour. I started at PBS NewsHour as the first undergraduate selected to be a Roy W. Howard fellow. I work alongside the digital team on various product development and design projects. Samples of my work can be found below.

I've also contributed to the website and graphics development for the award–winning Nowhere To Go and Printing Hate investigations completed by The Howard Center for Investigative Journalism and CNS Maryland.

My full work experience can be found in my resume and my motion design highlights can be found in my showreel.


2024 primaries thumbnail page

2024 Primary and Caucus Elections

Ahead of the already contentious presidential election in November, I worked with the NewsHour Product Team to design and develop a hub for coverage about this year's primaries and caucuses. The pages host Associated Press graphics for live national and state results, a delegate tracker, a 2024 election calendar and all election-focused stories from our correspondents and producers. I also work with the NewsHour social team to produce winner graphics after a race call.

💻 Figma, WordPress, Illustrator, HTML, GitHub

news hour designs thumbnail


I contribute a variety of designs and graphics for the PBS Newshour website and social media platforms. Click the image above to view all of my published graphics. In addition to these published graphics, I am actively developing new designs with our software engineering team to update our website and newsletters.

💻 Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, Mailchimp

news hour data thumbnail


I produce interactive, still, and animated data visualizations for the PBS Newshour website, social media platforms, and digital video stories. I also collaborate with reporters to aggregate and verify data for orignal stories. Click the image above to view all of my published data-related work.

💻 After Effects, Datawrapper, Carto, Illustrator, Excel

smart shopping quiz thumbnail page

Quiz: Are you a smart shopper?

As food prices have risen due to factors such as inflation, I worked with members of the NewsHour digital team to develop an interactive web page where users can learn how to best shop on a budget, then take our quiz to test their skills. The interactive led our site for engagement time on a single page during the week following publication. It was also featured on our broadcast program.

💻 HTML, JavaScript, SaaS, GitHub, Figma, WordPress

2022 midterms landing page


For the 2022 Midterm elections, my projects focused on candidates that would have influence or control over elections and whether our team classified them as an election denier, doubter or defender. I contributed to the design of our election results pages as well as an election guide newsletter. I also wrote two data-driven stories on how secretaries of state affect elections and how you can use our map to identify who runs elections in your state.

💻 Datawrapper, Figma, Illustrator, Mailchimp, WordPress

Printing Hate Mini Documentary thumbnail


I worked with Nick McMillan to develop this mini documentary on the Elaine Massacre. Accompanied with the article, the documentary explains the economic motives behind this massacre and how white-owned newspapers fueled the violence. We combined archives, custom illustrations, interviews, data visualizations, and motion graphics to tell this story.

- Society of Professional Journalists Region 2 Mark of Excellence: Best Use of Multimedia
- BEA Festival of Media Arts Award of Excellence

💻 After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate, Carto, Script development

Printing Hate site thumbnail


Printing Hate is an investigation into how white-owned newspapers have aided and abetted lynchings since 1865. In partnership with the Howard Center at the University of Maryland and five HBCUs, I – along with the design team – developed the site and project branding from scratch.

- Online Journalism Awards Winner; "Student Team" category
- Investigative Reporters & Editors Medal, Award; "Student Large" category
- NLA Punch Sulzberger Innovator of the Year
- Society of Professional Journalists 2021 Sigma Delta Chi Award for Collaborative Journalism

💻 HTML, CSS, WordPress, XD, Illustrator, Photoshop

lottery project thumbnail


Mega billions is a Howard Center investigation which conducted a first-of-its-kind analysis of mobile-phone location data to prove that the majority of customers at lottery retailers come from nearby neighborhoods and, using census data, that those neighborhoods are disproportionately home to Black, Hispanic and lower-income people. I produced visualizations on the history of lottery creation and the most popular type of games.

💻 Datawrapper, Illustrator, Procreate

Goucher Poll Quiz thumbnail


The Goucher College Poll focuses on the opinions of Maryland residents, and our team at CNS created an interactive quiz to tell the story on the findings. I created the digital illustrations to accompany each question.

💻 Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate

Nowhere to go site thumbnail


Nowhere To Go is an investigation into the impact of homelessness and the threat of homelessness posed by the pandemic. In partnership with the Howard Center at the University of Maryland and six universities across America, our design team produced stories and data visualizations for the site.

🏅Award: Society of Professional Journalists 2020 Sigma Delta Chi Award for Collaborative Journalism

💻 HTML, CSS, WordPress, XD, Photoshop, Datawrapper

Public Housing Motion Graphic thumbnail


I created this motion graphic to demonstrate how public housing tenants are evicted. As a part of the public housing installment of Nowhere To Go, the graphic breaks down the public housing eviction process in Minneapolis.

💻 After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop, Script development, YouTube

Evictions Motion Graphic thumbnail


I created this motion graphic to demonstrate how a person can end up evicted. As a part of the evictions installment of Nowhere To Go, the graphic breaks down the eviction process in Oklahoma, a state that did not ban evictions during the initial months of the pandemic.

💻 After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop, Script development, YouTube